Friday, May 1, 2009

Local "Landlord" Dario Pini Denied a Restraining Order

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FYI: Dario Pini also owns the Parker Way Plaza Building, where the alleged extortion at knife point incident occurred last Monday. Current tenant, Sacred Mountain Cannabis Dispensary located in Lower West Downtown Neighborhood, has been a topic of concern for many residents in the area since there has been an alarming increase of criminal activity taking place in or around the dispensary. Loitering, public drug sales, public inebriation, and now extortion at knife point further weakens the West Downtown Neighborhood. 
Read at extortion at knife point Article Here.

Oh yes: Last weekend's drunken brawl and car crash disturbance took place at 204 Cottage Grove--Another infamous Dario Pini property. 


  1. Dario Pini owns a rental property in my neighborhood as well. He uses the back yard to store "building materials" (better described as "junk") as well as a derelict truck. Lovely to behold.

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  3. really, everyone talks so much trash about Dario Pini. when it comes down to it he was born out of bloody uterus like you and your parents. just because he took the initiative to expand his life doesnt make trash talk work. do you feel better bob?? because i was just with the MAN himself and he was laughing at your insignificant life. you dont employ people or even run a business compared to DP Investments so go back to writing about your boring bleak life. try to do something positive or something with your life. why i wrote to all you lames is because iv been reading this chum about my Pops since i was in elementary! >>im sik of it<< its a small world and an even smaller town. see you computer nerds around.

  4. ok so maybe dario pini doesnt like to waste alot of money on things. i dont know dario meet him once but my check is alays on time my hours arent ever cut or nothing i think hes a great man him and paul pizzi.

  5. Dario Pini is a great guy,He's given a lot of people the opportunity arrogant land lords haven't. Its not his fault tenants decide to rent every space they can because they're lazy to work hard enough for a rent. Don't be ignorant

  6. the man is a shithead. duh. dont be ignorant.

  7. I have lived in one of Dario Pinis apartment complexes for 13 years. The man is a liar and a thief. This is not something I've heard, this is something that I know first hand. it would take me two weeks to list all the underhanded lowdown despicable things this man has committed upon these people that live here and this apartment complex. thank god there's a God

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