Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brownie's Public Phones Removed

Don't know if anyone noticed, but the the public phones located on the Haley side of Brownie's Market have been removed. The reason? Some say it a sign of the times--The phone company who owns the phones is no longer making a profit, since most users usually buy a calling card and dial an 1-800 number to connect to their destination. As a result, there is no need for coins, hence reducing the phone company's profit by large margins. 
Readily available cells phones and plans (monthly, pay as you go, pre-paid, and affordable international plans) have also decreased the need for a traditional pay phone. Callers can easily reach their destination from affordable mobile phones. 
However, some say that there has been pressure to remove the phones from the local neighbors who were concerned about the illegal activity taking place at or around the phones. Drinking and some "suspicious" gatherings were constant activities at that location. Whatever the reason may be, the phones are gone for now

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