Saturday, February 28, 2009

No Additional Cannabis Dispensaries the West Downtown Neighborhood

Posted by Christina P.
According to our records, Marijuana Dispensaries are springing up one on every corner. Currently, the West Downtown  area is host to 4 cannabis dispensaries with more pending approval from the City of Santa Barbara. Although many patients utilize medicinal marijuana to aid chronic illness, many unauthorized "buyers" are flocking to these dispensaries each day. As a result, cannabis stations are now hubs loiterers and increased illegal activity. 

Unfortunately, due to the high crime conditions in the West Downtown Neighborhood, we do not meet the requirements and guidelines set by the city of Santa Barbara to host additional dispensaries. However, in order to reduce and address the high crime activity, it is imperative to remove the West Downtown Neighborhood from the approved areas and thus preventing additional cannabis stations from emerging throughout West Downtown. As a result, Tony has drafted a petition to urge the City Council to remove the West Downtown Neighborhood from cannabis dispensary approved areas. 

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