Friday, April 3, 2009

Short-Term Lighting Addressed in West Downtown

There There Be Light! This evening West Downtown residents will realize that their neighborhood sidewalks will be brighter and no longer pitch black at night. The 100-200 blocks of West Haley and Gutierrez and the 400 blocks of De La Vina and Bath will gain "cobra" lighting attached to the Southern CA Edison poles--This is the short-term solution, while the City of Santa Barbara works together with residents of the West Downtown Neighborhood to appropriate long-term funding for permanent pedestrian street lighting. Christina Pizarro of the West Downtown Neighborhood Group represented and helped secure a CDBG Pedestrian Lighting Design Grant in the amount of 50K--the first phase for permanent pedestrian lighting. 
City Council Member Helene Schneider has been working closely with the neighbors to address permanent lighting, Neighborhood Safety /Watch, Haley/De La Vina Bridge Restoration Project, Housing Authority Project (512 Bath) and other future plans scheduled in the West Downtown neighborhood. 

Note: We are the West Downtown Neighborhood!

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  1. I'm very excited about the lights, we needed them badly. Just got in to town and can't wait to see them tonight.