Wednesday, April 1, 2009

West Downtown Neighborhood Clean-Up March 28, 2009

KEYT News:
Keeping the West Downtown Neighborhood Looking Good! Thank you West Downtown Neighbors, Friends, Bishop Garcia Diego Student Volunteers, Looking Good Santa Barbara/City of Santa Barbara, Organizers:Lorraine Cruz Carpenter (LGSB), Christina Pizarro, and Sharon Byrne. Thank you Nita Medina for the delicious cookies and morning coffee! 
The West Downtown Neighborhood came together once again to continue their quests to regain and maintain a safer neighborhood. Both the young and mature attended--They picked weeds and raked out debris and leaves under the bright warm sun. City Council hopeful David Pritchett--a constant and dedicated presence in the West Downtown and partner Cathy Murillo got down and dirty removing grafitti from surfaces throughout our neighborhood.
Many veteran Clean-up participants brought their Adopt-A-Block gear: vests and trash picking sticks ready for action. Some even weedwacked their way through three foot brush! It was a successful and wonderful day of meeting, greeting,cleaning, and greening West Downtown. Go neighbors! 



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